Work for yourself, but not by yourself

An extensive support platform for high performing Recruitment professionals

AMBICO empowers you to work for yourself, earn more income, and have more time to do what you do best: solve problems and provide spectacular products and services.

Imagine going out on your own, building your own business and brand, but still having a finance department, payroll department and marketing department all working to build your company! Yes, you should be excited!

Too many start-up businesses fail and can lead to stress and lack of time with your loved ones. It is AMBICO’s mission to change this statistic and make you one of the companies that thrive. Don’t go at it alone, have the AMBICO team around you to take the pressure off and make sure you succeed.

Earn more

Leverage your name, build your own brand and get all the credit for your hard work.

Be more

Say goodbye to building someone else’s company for little reward and recognition, and hello to reaching your full potential

Live more

You deliver the product or service, we’ll do the rest, so you can spend more time doing things you enjoy.


Ambitious People, Thriving Organisations

Company Set Up

Branding & Marketing

Accounting & Finance

Workforce payroll

Sales Reporting

Business Administration

Software & IT

Business Advisory & Coaching

It's all about your company, your brand Baby!

Branding & Marketing
It’s your business. We ensure it’s your brand. Showcase your best self through our custom branding & design service. Get everything you need, including your own website + ongoing marketing support to grow your personal company profile.


Here are some of the benefits you get by partnering with AMBICO to build, launch and run your own agency.

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